I Will Walk With Jesus

I will walk with Jesus, for I dare not walk alone,
He will guide my feet along the way;
I will do His bidding, for His love my heart has won,
He is my companion day by day.

I will follow where He leads me,
I will follow day by day;
I have bid this world adieu, and my journey I’ll pursue;
I will follow all the way.

He will lead me gently all along the narrow way,
Tho’ the way be as the trackless sea;
And amid the darkness I can hear Him sweetly say,
“I will ever love and care for thee.” [Chorus]

In severest trials when the way I cannot see,
And the clouds seem low’ring in the sky;
I will never falter but will gladly haste to Thee,
For I know that Thou art always nigh. [Chorus]