I Woke And The Night Was Passing

I woke, and the night was passing,
And over the hills there shone
A star all alone in its beauty
When the other stars were gone-

For a glory was filling the heavens
That came before the day,
And the gloom and the stars together
Faded and passed away.

Only the star of the morning
Glowed in the crimson sky-
It was like a clear voice singing,
“Rejoice! for the Sun is nigh!”

O children! a Star is shining
Into the hearts of men-
It is Christ with a voice of singing,
“Rejoice! for I come again!

“For the long, long night is passing,
And there cometh the golden day;
I come to My own who love Me,
To take them all away.

“It may be to-day or to-morrow,
Soon it will surely be;
Then past are the tears and the sorrow-
Then Home for ever with Me.”

Hymns of Ter Steegen and Others (Second Series),