I Worship You O Lord

I worship you, O LORD,
for you have raised me up;
I cried to you for help,
and you restored my life.
You brought me back from death
and saved me from the grave.

Sing praises to the LORD,
all those who know his name;
for while his wrath is brief,
his favor knows no end.
Though tears flow for a night,
the morning brings new joy.

I said, “I am so strong,
I never shall be moved”;
but you, LORD, shook my life
my heart was in distress.
I cried out for your help
and pleaded for your grace:

“What good am I when dead,
while lying in the grave?
Can dust recount your love,
the grave proclaim your praise?
O hear me, gracious LORD,
in mercy be my aid!”

My mourning you have turned
to dancing and to joy;
my sadness you dispelled
as gladness filled my soul.
And so I’ll sing your praise,
my God, through all my days.