I Would Be A Little Sunbeam

I would be a little sunbeam,
Shining brightly all the day,
With its light and joy and gladness,
Driving all the clouds away.

Shining, shining,
Shining ever bright and fair;
Shining, shining,
Shedding sunlight everywhere;
Shining every day for Jesus,
Like a sunbeam pure and fair;
Driving out the gloom and sadness,
Shedding sunlight everywhere.

I would be a little sunbeam,
And with happy smile or song,
Cheer the hearts of those around me-
Make them cheerful, brave and strong. [Refrain]

I would be a little sunbeam,
Help me, Jesus, so to shine;
May the light of Thy dear Spirit
Fill this little heart of mine. [Refrain]