I Would Be A Messenger Of Christ

I would be a messenger of Christ, my King,
Precious words of promise I would ever bring;
To the sad and lonely ones who never heard,
I would gladly carry His own precious word.

Only just a messenger of Christ, my King,
Marching onward willingly, I gladly sing;
Only just a messenger with tidings sweet,
Pressing forward steadily and swift of feet.

I would be a messenger of Jesus’ choice,
Ringing out His promise with a vibrant voice;
Singing of His love and care, that all may hear,
Anthems sweet of Jesus Christ, my friend so dear. [Refrain]

We should all be messengers and not refuse
Those who never yet have heard the joyful news;
We must tell of Jesus’ love to souls in need,
Scatter in the hearts of men the gospel seed. [Refrain]