I Would Be More Like Jesus Hallgreen

I would be more like Jesus
Every day;
I would be true and faithful
All the way;
I would know what to sing and
What to say,
I would know how to listen
How to pray.

So I’ll watch and I’ll labor
And I’ll pray;
By his grace I will follow
All the way;
Then with joy I shall meet him
Trials o’er
And with him reign forever,

I would be kind and gentle,
Meek and mild;
I would be pure and loving
His dear child;
I would do good to others,
As he did;
I would shed joy and sunshine,
In him hid. [Chorus]

I would work in his vineyard
Every day;
Patient, trusting, obedient,
Come what may;
I would go where he leads me,
By his grace,
Till in glory I see him
Face to face. [Chorus]