I Would Be Nearer My Savior

I would be nearer, my Savior,
Where I can hear Thy voice
Falling in tenderest whispers,
Making my heart rejoice.

Draw me close to Thee,
Draw me close to Thee;
Keep me, dear Savior, so near Thy side,
Draw me close to Thee.

I would be kept in Thy presence,
Free from the strife of tongues;
There shall the humble adore Thee,
Raising their grateful songs. [Refrain]

Keep me, O Lord, in Thy shadow,
When the dark tempests low’r;
Safely to rest on Thy bosom,
Keep me forevermore. [Refrain]

Swiftly the shadows are deep’ning,
Light of my life, be near;
Strengthen the trust I am keeping,
Fill me with hope and cheer. [Refrain]

Hymnal of the Church of God, (Timeless Truths)