I Would Be Thine Most Holy Lord

I would be thine, most holy Lord,
Oh, fill my heart with love divine,
And teach me from thy precious word,
That I may yet still brighter shine.

Make me thine, yes, thine,
Thine alone, precious Lord, would I be;
Make me thine, only thine,
Dear Lord, remember me.

Ah, yes, to thee I fain would live,
To thee, who for my ransom died;
Teach me to pray, that I may give
My life and all I have beside. [Refrain]

Thy sinless mind in me reveal,
Thy nature to my soul impart,
And all my future life shall tell
The fulness of a loving heart. [Refrain]

Then fill my soul with holy fire,
Thou sacred spirit, from above;
Make all ablaze with pure desire;
Expand my heart with heavenly love. [Refrain]