I Would Be Thine My Weary Sinful Heart

I would be Thine; my weary, sinful heart
Yearns, Lord, for Thee;
It needs the peace Thou canst alone impart;
Lord, pity me!

I need Thy love: I am so cheerless, cold,
Away from Thee;
Thou art a Refuge, let Thine arms enfold
And shelter me!

I need Thy joy; all, all is gloom within,
Like blackest night;
Illume the darkness of this night of sin,
Be Thou my Light.

I need Thy blood to wash away my guilt,
To that I flee;
On Calvary it was for sinners spilt,
And cleanses me.

I need Thyself, Lord, I would come to Thee,
Close to Thy side;
I would within the arms that circle me
Rest satisfied.