I Would Do Each Duty Here

I would do each duty here,
I would toil and never fear;
And the cross would meekly bear;
That, when past these scenes of strife,
I may then a crown of life
With the ransomed ever wear.

Oh, a starry crown to wear,
Oh, a golden harp to bear,
When before the great “I Am,”
All the mighty, ransomed throng
Swell the Glad triumphant song,
Song of Moses and the Lamb.

I would follow Jesus now,
At His feet would gladly bow,
Never seeking earthly fame;
That with Him I then may stand
With a harp within my hand,
Sounding praises to his name. [Chorus]

To the Father and the Son,
Who such wondrous things have done
For a lost and ruined race,
I would sing thro’ endless days,
Songs of everlasting praise,
For the gift of saving grace. [Chorus]