I Would Follow Thee Dear Savior

I would follow Thee, dear Saviour,
Thou the Life, the Truth, the Way.
I would listen to Thee calling,
And would hasten to obey.

I would follow Thee, dear Saviour,
Keep me closely by Thy side.
Guide me safely through life’s journey,
Ever in my heart abide.

I would follow Thee, my Saviour,
Trusting Thee, I’ll stay or go.
Thou wilt help the cross to carry,
And wilt guard from every foe. [Refrain]

I would follow Thee, Lord Jesus,
“Man of Sorrows,” though Thou art.
Ever in deepest grief and suff’ring,
I, with Thee, may have a part. [Refrain]

I would follow Thee, dear Master,
Follow closely all the way,
‘Til Thy footsteps lead me heav’nward
Where I’ll praise Thy name for aye. [Refrain]