I Would Not Have Thee Come Dear Lord

I would not have Thee come, dear Lord,
Until, in glorious attire,
In linen garments, fine and white,
Thy bride fulfills Thy heart’s desire.
Ah, well I know Thou wilt not come
Until the solemn marriage call
Has sounded wheresoe’er she roams,
And reached the latest one of all!

But O ’tis weary waiting here!
My prisoned spirit would be free.
Against the bars of earth I press,
And look and long, dear Lord, for Thee!

I would not have Thee come, dear Lord,
Because my path is dark and drear,
Because the way seems very long,
And filled with many a grief and fear;
No, not because I fain would cast
This mortal frame for aye aside,
And soaring past the realm of death
In liberty and life abide. [Refrain]

I would not have Thee come, dear Lord,
And leave behind, undone and lost,
Some groping soul my hand might lead
To join the risen, raptured host;
No, not till grace divine has sought
To win the hearts of wand’ring men
In every way and every clime-
I would not have Thee come till then! [Refrain]