I Would Not Live Without Thee

I would not live without thee,
Not a day,
I need thy strength to help me,
All the way;
I would not dare to wander
From thy side,
For storms and danger threaten
Far and wide.

I would not live without thee,
Dear Savior, thou art mine;
Thy love doth make a heaven,
For me a world divide.

The world is full of sorrow,
And of fears;
And many eyes are ever
Shedding tears;
And hearts are well night breaking
With their woe;
And many vainly struggle
Here below. [Refrain]

The way is fraught with danger
For us all;
Oh, Savior, never leave me,
Lest I fall;
When thou dost walk beside me,
I am strong,
To fight the many battles
All along. [Refrain]

I’ll fear no coming sorrow,
Light will shine,
There’ll come with every morrow,
Help divine;
And when the journey’s ended,
Then I know,
To realms of endless glory
I shall go. [Refrain]