I Would Seek A Land In A Far

“I would seek a Land in a far-off clime,
Where the streams in their beauty flow,
And no change can come with the passing time,
Where the flow’rs in their fragrance blow.”
“There is just one road which will lead you there,
You must watch lest your footsteps stray
From the path which God in His loving care
Has mark’d out for the pilgrim way.”

“Is it hard to find if one has no guide?
Will my feet from the pathway stray?
Does it wind thro’ fields where the streamlets glide,
By the groves where the fountains play?”
“There’s a Hand that points to the pathway true,
There’s a Voice that will tell the way,
And the road which the pilgrim should pursue
Leadeth straight to the Gates of Day.”

“O, I fear my feet will aweary grow
As I trudge over hill and dale,
And I fain would rest where the flow’rets blows,
Where the streams glide along the vale.”
“Nay, there’s rest for the weary pilgrim feet
In the Land where the King doth reign,
Then with lov’d and lost you will gladly meet
As they greet you with welcome strain.”