I Would Sing Of The Grace That Met Me

I would sing of the grace that met me,
When I came up to Calvary;
How my sins are of God forgotten,
Buried deeply as in the sea!

My sins are forgiven, forgotten for aye!
No wonder I’m singing for gladness today;
God forgot all my sins there at Calvary,
He forgot all my sins, but remembers me.

Long the burden of sin I carried,
Till to Jesus for help I cried;
Now I’m free who was once in bondage,
By the blood of the Lamb who died. [Refrain]

I’m no more beneath condemnation,
Reconciled unto God at last;
And the love that has all forgiven,
Is the love that will hold me fast. [Refrain]

Are you yet the sin-burden bearing?
Christ has died that you might go free;
God will pardon you now, O sinner,
And will love through eternity. [Refrain]