Id Like To Be A Child Again

I’d like to be a child again from care and sorrow free,
And in my dreams those happy hours I oft can plainly see;
I’d like to see my mother stand within the cottage door,
And hear her sweetly call to me as in those days of yore.

“My child, ’tis growing dark, I’d rather you’d come in,”
O memory so sweet that lives in spite of sin,
And then I see her stand within the open door;
I’d give the world if I could hear
My mother’s voice once more.

And oft in sorrow’s chast’ning hour her voice I seem to hear,
Amid the shadows of my grief it comes so sweet and clear;
“For he shall dwell in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee,”
How often has my mother said those blessed words to me. [Refrain]

Time’s changes never can remove her face from mem’ry’s walls,
Nor hush the sweetness of her voice that mem’ry oft recalls;
And heaven’s joys shall be more bright, its bliss beyond compare,
When I shall stand before the throne and meet my mother there. [Refrain]