Id Rather Get Down At The Feet Of My Lor

I’d rather get down at the feet of my Lord,
And gather the crumbs as they fall,
Than sit as a guest at a sumptuous board,
Where Jesus has not had a call.

Jesus, my Lord! Jesus, my King!
Down at thy feet I fall;
Jesus, my Saviour, my Refuge, my Friend,
Jesus, my Lord, my all.

I’d rather my body a temple should be,
Where Jesus my Master would stay,
Than have all the wealth of kingdoms, and see
Him driven forever away. [Refrain]

I’d rather have him for companion and friend,
His book for my counsel and guide,
Than walk in vain pleasure, and find at the end
No refuge in which I may hide. [Refrain]

I want to leave all in his hands ev’ry day,
To do as it seemeth him best;
And self on the altar a sacrifice lay,
And on his sweet promises rest. [Refrain]