If A Christian Meets A Christian

If a Christian meet a Christian,
Going thro’ the land,
Just remember He’s your brother,
Reach to him your hand;
For who can tell but on the morrow,
You and he may stand
Before the great white throne up yonder,
Help him all you can.

If a Christian gets in trouble,
Going thro’ the land,
Don’t condemn your weaker brother,
Help him all you can;
For who can tell what great temptations
Press around the man?
He needs the help of Christian friendship,
Give him all you can.

If you meet a soul discouraged,
Going thro’ the land,
Show to him God’s word of promise,
Cheer him all you can;
For deeds and words in kindness given,
Mend the broken strand;
A little help when one is drowning,
Often saves the man.

Would you have a home up yonder,
In the batter land?
Dot to others as you’d have them
Do to you, my man;
And when the Master comes for jewels,
Searching thro’ the land,
He’ll take that weary, faithful spirit
Home to Beulah land.