If All In Life From Me Depart My Riches

If all in life from me depart,
My riches, strength and health,
I have my Saviour in my heart,
And that is more than wealth.

Jesus, my Saviour, is all things to me,
He is my Saviour who died on the tree;
Bringing redemption for you and for me,
Jesus, my Saviour, is all things to me.

He keeps me from this world apart,
Spreads over me his wings,
He comes with fulness to my heart,
And love and life he brings. [Refrain]

My soul is fill’d with joy divine,
My heart with rapture thrills,
Since Christ the Lord I know is mine,
Sweet peace my being fills. [Refrain]

Not day nor night nor flight of time,
Can blight the ecstacy,
Of holy bliss, serene, sublime,
My Saviour gives to me. [Refrain]