If Along The Way Of Life

If along the way of life, as day by day you press,
You behold a brother burdened sore and in distress,
If by helping him a mile new hope he may obtain,
Do it with a willing heart,-keep on, go with him twain.

A two mile gospel-how it cheers the heart!
A two mile gospel bids our cares depart;
Day by day along the way, O sing a glad refrain:
Can you help someone a mile? Keep on, go with him twain.

How a song of hope will brighten e’en the darkest day!
How a cheering word will help another on the way!
Some despondent brother you may cheer with glad refrain,
If your song can help a mile,-keep on, go with him twain. [Chorus]

If you meet another soul who longs for words of cheer,
Speak to him of Jesus, gladly tell the message dear;
Tell him how the sunny life thro’ Christ he may obtain;
If the story helps a mile,-keep on, go with him twain. [Chorus]