If Earthly Friends Should Fail You

If earthly friends should fail you
And fears come like a host,
There is a Friend will help you,
When help you need the most;
‘Tis God your heav’n’ly Father,
O be his name adored!
He’ll reach an arm to help you
If you call on the Lord.

Call on the Lord, call on the Lord,
No earthly friend can ever
Such blessed help afford;
Call on the Lord, call on the Lord;
If you want a friend to help you,
Call on the Lord.

When Moses call’d upon him
He saw the sea divide,
God’s people all pass’d over
Safe to the other side.
And so Elijah triumph’d,
His pray’r of faith was heard,
The fire from heav’n descended
When he call’d on the Lord. [Refrain]

And thus thro’ all the ages
We find, that, by his pow’r,
God always help’d his children
In ev’ry trying hour.
If we his help are needing,
He will his aid afford,
If we like saints and prophets
Will but call on the Lord. [Refrain]