If God Himself Be For Me Who Shall

If God Himself be for me
Who shall against me be?
His banner waving o’er me,
My foes in terror flee.
If God in Christ befriend me
And stay me with His arm,
The help that He doth lend me
Will keep me safe from harm.

My faith and hope are founded
On Jesus Christ alone,
He on the cross was wounded
That I a crown might own.
For what the world doth treasure
Is but a passing gain;
Through Christ in fullest measure
True riches I obtain.

In heaven there remaineth
A blissful rest for me,
A joy that never waneth,
A life from sorrow free.
Though tears I here am weeping
And bitter sorrows know,
I am in Jesus’ keeping;
He sweetens all my woe.

My heart for joy is leaping,
It can no more be sad,
Is golden harvests reaping,
Sees naught but sunshine glad.
The Sun that cheers my spirit
Is Christ, my Lord and King;
The crown I shall inherit
Makes me rejoice and sing.