If I Could Fly Beyond The Tide

If I could fly beyond the tide, where shines the perfect day,
I’d seek the One whose tender love has brightened all life’s way,
And, kneeling down before His feet, forgetting pain and loss,
Give thanks that He had laid on me the burden of His cross.

Beyond the tide, the silent tide,
My longing soul, my longing soul would be,
Where I could see the face of Christ my Lord,
Whose smile makes heav’n for me,
Whose smile makes heav’n for me.

Tho’ angel choirs should welcome sing, one voice along I’ll hear,
That thro’ my earthly pilgrimage has filled my soul with cheer;
Its music sweet full well I know, but oh, the joy divine,
To feel, that thro’ eternity, this blessed Lord is mine! [Refrain]

If I could fly beyond the tide, the face I’d long to see
Would be of Him whose presence here makes earth a heav’n for me;
Some day with Christ my Lord I’ll rise to Eden’s happy shore,
And praises sing unto my King who lives forevermore. [Refrain]