If I Could Tell Of Jesus As I Know Him

If I could tell of Jesus as I know Him,
My Redeemer who has brightened all my way;
If I could tell how precious is His presence,
I am sure that you make Him yours today.

Could I tell it, could I tell it,
How the sunshine of His presence lights my way,
I would tell it, I would tell it,
And I’m sure that you would make Him yours today.

If I could only tell you how He loves you,
And if we could thro’ the lonely garden go,
If I could tell His dying pain and pardon,
You would worship at His wounded feet I know. [Refrain]

If I could tell how sweet will be His welcome,
In that home whose wondrous beauty ne’er was told;
And tell you how He waits and longs to save you,
You would seek Him, and abide within His fold. [Refrain]

But I can never tell Him as I know Him;
Human tongues can never tell of love divine;
I only can entreat you to accept Him;
Come and know the joy and peace forever mine. [Refrain]