If In The Cause Of Right I Must

If in the cause of right I must,
Do battle with the sword,
Then, let me follow Him I trust,
My chosen King and Lord.

As Captain in the mortal fight,
He knows the foe I fear;
His presence fires my soul with might,
And fills my heart with cheer.

If I should see Him ever near,
When blows unceasing fall,
I shall no flaunting banner fear,
Nor loudest battle call.

And in the thickest of the strife,
No polished shaft I’ll dread,
For He preserves my soul in life,
In battle shields my head.

No power shall in the fight prevail,
No subtle gin ensnare,
Though all the hosts of hell assail,
And guile the fraud prepare.

Lord, gird me with Thy armour bright,
And lead me forth to win,
For I would battle for the right
Against the might of sin.

Hymns from the Morningland,