If In The Wider Field

If in the wider field of life
There is no place for you,
If abler hands perform the work
You would so gladly do,
You may not sit in idleness
And wait for future plan;
But in the place you occupy,
Just do the best you can.

Just do the best you can,
Just do the best you can;
And God will bless the labor,
If you do the best you can.

If we have but the “widow’s mite”
To help the cause we love,
We can invoke, thro’ providence,
A God-speed from above,
With willing heart and busy hand,
We cannot surely fail
To do our part of some good work,
That will some need avail. [Chorus]

Scorn not to do the smallest things
That we are wont to find,
Nor yet to fill the humblest niche,
Or little wants to mind.
The smallest acts meet rich return,
Performed with right accord;
Not to the lowest lights that burn
Is due the least reward. [Chorus]