If In This World I Have No Place

If in this world I have no place
That I can call my own,
I would not change my lot with kings
For palace or for throne.

In heaven’s gate before me lies
A land divine and fair,
And all I want for evermore
Is waiting for me there.

If in this world I have no friend,
I claim a friend above,
Whose kindness never, never dies,
And never fails his love.

If in this world I have no name
Among the proud and great,
I’ll read it in the book of life,
If I but watch and wait.

If in this world of sin and death,
I oft my lot deplore,
The Lord has said the day will come,
When I shall weep no more.

So let the waves of trouble roll,
And cares be drear and dark,
I know in Jordan’s stormy flood,
I’m safe within the ark.