If Indeed We Are Led By The Spirit Of Go

If indeed we are led by the Spirit of God,
Then God is our Father, and we
Will be guided safe home to that blissful abode,
Where the King in his beauty we’ll see.

Oh, how sweet then to meet
In that city of beauty untold!
There the King we shall see,
And His beauty and splendor behold.

We will follow the Lamb, O we never need fear,
Tho’ stormy and dark is our road,
For the Spirit that leads us will comfort and cheer,
Till we reach the bright home of our God. [Refrain]

Blessed Spirit, we need thee, O fly not away!
Tho’ grieved by our sins o’er and o’er;
We no longer reject thee, but yield to thy sway;
Lead us safe to the heavenly shore. [Refrain]