If We Love The Savior

If we love the Saviour,
Follow Him alway,
We shall be His jewels-
Shine in bright array.
Let us seek to please Him
In all things we do,
Let us serve our Saviour
Faithfully and true.

Jewels, precious jewels
May we ever be,
Shining in the Saviour’s crown
Thro’ eternity.

We can help the weary,
We can cheer the sad;
Just a cup of water
Makes the thirsty glad.
There are lonely hovels
On the country side,
We can take His message-
Tell of Christ who died. [Refrain]

In the crowded city,
In each dreary place;
We can speak of Jesus,
Of His wondrous grace;
Of His love and mercy
Let us ever sing
We will be true children
Of our gracious King. [Refrain]