Ill Gladly Suffer For Jesus

I’ll gladly suffer for Jesus,
While doing His blessed will,
I’ll have His presence to cheer me,
To say “In the fire be still.”

So I’m content along the way,
If He will be my guide and stay,
And I will trust form day to day,
My dear almighty Saviour;
Whate’er He wills I’ll not complain.
Come weal, come woe He sill sustain,
So I’ll rejoice with heart and voice,
I’ll gladly suffer for Jesus.

I’ll gladly suffer for Jesus,
Who suffered so much for me;
And to my soul He is precious,
For doubting and fear shall flee. [Refrain]

I’ll gladly suffer for Jesus,
Be true in the darkest night;
He’ll help me bear ev’ry burden;
And darkness will change to light. [Refrain]