Im Going Home To Heaven Bright Heaven

I’m going home to heaven, bright heaven, sweet heaven,
Tho’ the pathway lies thro’ darkness and the grave;
My sins are all forgiven, forgiven, forgiven,
For his precious sake who died my soul to save.

Going home to heaven, bright heaven, sweet heaven,
Where the waves of sorrow into music roll;
Where the flow’rs are blooming forever, forever,
And the peace of God shall overflow my soul.

My hopes are fixed on Jesus, my Saviour, my Saviour,
For his love unchanging thro’ long years I’ve known,
I’m sure he’ll keep me ever, forever, and ever,
Till I kneel in wond’ring joy before his throne. [Refrain]

O Christian friends, be faithful, be faithful, be faithful,
Many tribulations in our path may lie,
But we’ll go on rejoicing, rejoicing, rejoicing,
For we know a crown awaits us by and by. [Refrain]