Impatient Heart, Be Still

Impatient heart, be still!
What though He tarries long?
What though the triumph song
Is still (is still) delayed?
Thou hast His promise sure,
And that is all secure;
Be not afraid! Be not afraid!Be still! Be still!
Impatient heart be still!My eager heart, be still!
Thy Lord will surely come,
And take thee to His home,
With Him (with Him) to dwell;
It may not be today;
And yet, my soul, it may;
I cannot tell, I cannot tell.My anxious heart, be still!
Watch, work, and pray, and then
It will not matter when
Thy Lord (Thy Lord) shall come;
At midnight, or at noon;
He cannot come too soon
To take thee home, to take thee home.