I’Mtraveling The Glory Highway

I’m going up the highway
That leads to mansions grand
(I know) I’ve started for that kingdom
Beyond these desert sands
No more I’ll stay in Egypt
I’m bound for Beulah land
(Oh yes) I’m traveling the glory highway
Climbing up the highway of the King of Kings (climbing up, up the way, of
the King of Kings)
In the light of His blessed love (in the light, of His, by His love,
blessed love)
Everywhere I go, His praise I’ll sing (everywhere I’ll His blessed praises
‘Til I reach that home in Heav’n above (‘til I reach, home in Heav’n, home
in Heav’n above)
I’m going on each day with faith secure (going on, on each day, with a
faith secure)
From the way I’ll never roam (from the way I’ll not ever roam, going home)
Oh yes I’ll run to the gates of glory land
There with the angels I shall stand (I’ll stand)
At the end of the highway is home (my heav’nly home)I’ll reach that land of promise
Some morning by and by
(Oh yes) I’ll be at home with Jesus
Beyond the starlit sky
My race will soon be ended
The time is drawing nigh
(But still) I’m traveling the glory highway