In Boundless Mercy

In boundless mercy, gracious Lord, appear,
Darkness dispel, the humble mourner cheer;
Vain thoughts remove, melt down the flinty heart,
Draw every soul to choose the better part.Thy presence
fills the universal space,
Thy grace appears to all the human race,
Oh! visit us with light and life divine,
Fill every soul, for every soul is Thine.Thou, blessed Jesus, art my Lord, my Love:
Thou art my King: from Thee I would not move,
Hence earthly charms, far, far, from me depart,
Nor seek to draw from my dear Lord my heart.That uncreated beauty, which has gained
My ravished heart, has all my glory stained:
Thy loveliness my soul has prepossessed,
And left no room for any other guest.

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