In Darkness I Wandered Till Jesus I Foun

In darkness I wandered till Jesus I found,
And then praise His name,
And then praise His name,
The clear light of heaven my pathway shone round,
And peace to my spirit there came.

And now I’m confiding,
And sweetly abiding
In Jesus, my Saviour and Guide;
His name I’m confessing,
He fills me with blessing;
To me He’s far dearer than all else beside.

The birds o’er my head seemed to sing a new song,
So wondrously sweet,
So wondrously sweet;
All nature seemed praising in notes loud and long,
My Saviour, when first we did meet. [Chorus]

And now we are walking together a long,
My Saviour and I,
My Saviour and I;
He blesses and leads me with hand kind and strong,
And freely his grace does supply. [Chorus]

O wonderful Brother, Redemer and Friend,
I love Him I know,
I love Him I know;
This blessed companionship never to end
Grows sweeter as onward I go. [Chorus]