In His Strength

In His strength we are overcomers
In His strength we are never alone
He will guide us through the night
As we walk in His light
In His strength we are going home
(Lift up your eyes) Lift up your eyes unto the heavens He made
(God made the stars) God made the stars up above
(Creation heard His voice) The whole creation heard His voice and obeyed
It was a labor of love
(Created us to know) Created us to know our God as a friend
(To walk with Him) To walk with Him was a dream
(But though we disobeyed) But though we disobeyed His Son He would send
Our fallen souls to redeem (We are His own) We are His servants and His people today
(Power to all) He’s given power to all
(We see His glory and) Who His glory and who trust and obey
Those who have answered His call
(We give Him all the praise) We will exalt Him and we’ll give Him the
(Things He has done) For all the things He has done
(Our voices we will raise) We’ll lift our voices and our hands we will
For all the victories won In His strength we are going home