In Me Resume Thy Dwelling

I. In me resume thy Dwelling,
Thou glorious Guest of Hearts;
And, from me Sin repelling,
Renew my inward Parts,
O Spirit all Divine;
Whose Goodness never varies;
In whom the Grace Glories
Of all the Godhead shine.

II. Come, Flow’r of all that’s holy,
And fill my inward Part
With Grace, which drives all Folly
And Error from the Heart:
Thy Mind restore in me;
While I the wond’rous Story
Rehearse, without Vain-Glory,
Of all my Debt to Thee.

III. I was a with’ring Scyon;
Thou saw’st; and, griev’d to see,
From Death, that grimmest Lion,
In Pity set me free,
By grafting me in Christ,
While into his Oblation,
Which purchas’d my Salvation,
By Thee I was baptiz’d.

IV. By Thee, whose blessed Function
Can ne’er enough be priz’d:
By Thee, whose holy Unction
Anoints me into Christ,
And makes me all his own;
All his, on whom, together
With all his Pow’r, the Father
Has all his Glory thrown.

V. Thou guid’st the guilty Creature
To the blest Mercy-Chair;
And giv’st his Lips to utter
A Mercy-winning Pray’r,
Thy Eloquence prevails
To save from Satan’s Fingers
The most abandon’d Sinners;
And never, never fails.

VI. Thou art the Source of Pleasure,
Which never fades nor cloys:
Of dark’ning Grief no Measure
Withstands thy bright’ning JOys.
How often hast thou giv’n,
Thou ‘Lightner of all Nations,
In thy sweet Visitations,
Extatic Tastes of Heav’n!

VII. Thou art th’ eternal Center
Of Love and Unity.
Where foul Contentions enter
In van we look for Thee,
Thou God of Truth and Peace.
O! may thy Truth delight us;
And thy sweet Peace untie us;
And all our Discords cease.

VIII. The Earth, the whole Creation
Is pendent on thy Hand.
What Thing, what Heart, what Passion
Obeys not thy Command!
Thou Pow’r above all Powers!
O, may thy Truth and Graces,
Thy Peace upon all Places
Descend in plenteous Show’rs.

IX. O! heal our sore Distractions:
Our growing Rage remove:
And drown our restless Factions
In Gospel-Truth and Love.
Thy mighty Arm make bare
For injur’d sinking Nations;
And stop the Devastations
And Bloody Hands of War.

X. Be Angels ever busie
To guard the King and Queen.
Make their bright Crowns sit easie,
And, thro’ a lasting Reign,
With rising Glories shine.
Pour forth thy Grace upon ’em
And let thy Blessings on ’em
No Bounds on Earth confine.

XI. The Minds of all the nation
Endue with Faith and Love;
And pour on ev’ry Station
Thy Blessings from above.
All Ranks with Wisdom bless
To shun all Wrath and Riot,
And seek the common quiet,
And common Happiness.

XII. Give Strength and Resolution,
To fight like Christian Men,
‘Gainst Satan’s fierce Intrusion,
And all his hellish Clan;
That gaining always Ground,
We rout all Opposition,
And in no Sin’s Commission
One Christian may be found.

XIII. Direct our Conversation
According to thy Mind;
And when this mortal Station
At last shall be resign’d:
Then grant, thou God of Love!
That our whole Life’s Profession
May end in the Possession
Of lasting Bliss above.