In Praise Of God Meet Duty And Delight

In praise of God meet duty and delight,
angels and creatures, flesh and spirits blest:
in praise is earth transfigured by the sound
and sight of heaven’s everlasting feast.

The desert is refreshed by songs of praise,
relaxed the frown of pride, the stress of grief;
in praise forgotten all our human spite;
in praise the burdened heart finds sure relief.

In praise our art and craft together meet,
inspired, obedient, patient, practical;
in praise join instrument and voice and sound
to make one music for the Lord of all.

No skill of ours, no music made on earth,
no mortal song could scale the height of heaven;
yet stands that cross, through grace ineffable
the instrument of praise to sinners given.

So, confident and festive, let us sing
of wisdom, power and mercy there made known;
the song of Moses and the Lamb be ours,
through Christ raised up to life in God alone.