In That Glorious Day

In that glorious day when the saints of God
On the wings of morning rise
To their “Father’s house,” that blest abode,
The city of Paradise,
They will hear the song that the angels sing
In the mansions of the blest,
As they homeward haste, on joyful wing,
To enter the gates of rest.

Tho’ as pilgrims here they travel on
Till the night shall flee away,
They will gladly greet the coming morn
Of that promised happy day,
Where the jasper walls their radiance fling,
Nevermore shall shadows come,
And the gates of pearl shall open swing
To welcome the wand’rers home.

Safe home, at last, in the city fair,
By the river’s flowing tide,
They will “see the King in his beauty” there,
The gates he will open wide.
They will swell the carols of joyful praise
With their voices glad and free,
And the angel choirs their notes will raise
In the song of jubilee.