In The Bible We Are Told Of A Prophet

In the Bible we are told
Of a prophet who was called
To a city that was steeped in awful sin;
All the people in that place
Were devoid of saving grace,
And the prophet seemed afraid to enter in.

Over there, over there,
In that land bright and fair,
Oh, he’ll tell me all about it over there;
On the hallelujah strand
I’ll take Jonah by the hand,
And he’ll tell me all about it over there.

Then this prophet forth was sent
That old Nineveh might repent,
But instead of that to Tarshish he set sail;
Oh! the winds began to blow,
Overboard did Jonah go,
And he found a mercy seat inside the whale. [Refrain]

In the cold and briny deep
Tears of grief did Jonah weep,
And the big fish threw him out upon the shore;
Then he gladly went his way,
Preached to Nineveh night and day,
And he did not care to backslide any more. [Refrain]

Oh, some people don’t believe
That a whale could him receive.
But that does not make my song at all untrue;
There are whales on every side,
With their big mouths open wide-
Just take care, my friend, or one will swallow you. [Refrain]

Many souls are tossed about
By the whales of fear and doubt,
But the Savior wants to take them by the hand.
If they will His voice obey,
He will save them right away,
And will guide them safely to the promised land. [Refrain]