In The Name Of Christ We Gather

In the name of Christ we gather,
in the name of Christ we sing,
celebrate new vows, new promise
of a life’s whole offering,
here ordained to lead God’s people
at the Gospel’s beckoning.

Sons and daughters of the Spirit–
these are called to teach and care,
called as were the first disciples,
commonwealth of Christ to share,
by the bread and wine and water
sacraments of grace declare.

In the ministry of preaching
may the word spring into life;
in the time of doubt and challenge,
may its truth affirm belief;
in the day of pain and darkness,
heal the hurt of guilt and grief.

Now within this solemn moment
we invoke the power of God–
by the hands laid on in blessing
be there strength to take the load,
be there faithfulness in loving,
be there courage for this road.

Word of joy, enlivening Spirit,
more than lover, parent, friend,
born in Jesus, born in Mary,
born in us, that love extend,
grow with your chosen servant,
life of God that has no end.