Inside The Gate

Oh how happy I will be when life’s journey here is run
And I look upon His face and I hear Him say, “Well done
You have fought a faithful fight and my child you’ve kept the faith
Enter now my joys are yours, so just step inside the gate”
Inside the gate (just inside the gate), inside the gate (just inside the
I’m home (just inside the gate), sweet home (just inside the gate)
No more to cry (just inside the gate), no more to die (just inside the
A crown of life  (just inside the gate), you have won (just inside the
You’re safe at last (just inside the gate), your sorrows past (just inside
the gate)
A mansion here (just inside the gate) forevermore (just inside the gate)
Yes I’ll admit (just inside the gate), I’m heaven sent (just inside the
When I step (when I step inside) inside the gate (the pearly gate)I will look for mother dear and I’ll look for daddy, too
Sisters, brothers will be there, heaven’s joys with them I’ll share
Then I’ll hear lil’ David play, ‘neath my Jesus on that day
Heaven’s joys for me await when I step inside the gate