It Was My Joy To Hear Them Say

It was my joy to hear them say,
come to the LORD’s house go:
O dear Jerusalem, our feet
thy gates shall pass into.
Jerusalem is builded up
into a city frame:
Quite uniform and beautiful
and compact is the same.

Whither the tribes, the tribes of JAH
to Isr’el’s witness go;
That there they to JEHOVAH’s name
their thankfulness may show.
And there the thrones of judgment rais’d
established remain;
The thrones that to the royal house
of David appertain.

Pray for Jerusalem firm peace:
they prosper who love thee:
Be in thy walls and palaces
peace and prosperity.
S Now, for my friends and brethren sake,
I wish thee perfcect peace;
And for our God JEHOVAH’s house,
I’ll seek thy happiness.