Jehovah Hearken To The Right Attendtomyl

JEHOVAH hearken to the right,
attend to my loud cry;
And hear my pray’r that cometh forth
from lips that do not lie.
O from thy presence let there come,
a just decree to me:
And let thy just and holy eyes,
things that are equal see.

My HEART thou searched hast by day,
and visited by night:
Thou hast me in a furnace try’d,
and found my heart is right.
As for my MOUTH; as I resolv’d
my words should not transgress,
Thy righteous laws which guide the tongue;
I kept my purposes.

And as for WORKS of men; thy word
hath me directed so,
That I observ’d and shun’d the paths
wherein destroyers go.
My goings in thy narrow paths
do thou uphold and guide;
That so my footsteps thus secur’d
may never turn aside.

On Thee I called have, O God,
because Thou wilt me hear;
O now incline thine ear to me,
and hear my humble pray’r.

[ Part]

O shew thy wondrous grace to them
whose trust on thee relies:
Who sav’st by thy right hand from those
who up against them rise.
O keep me now as thou would’st keep
the apple of thine eye;
Under the shadow of thy wings
hide me continually.

From all the threat’ning faces of
the wicked who me waste,
And from my deadly enemies,
who me around invest.
In their gross fat thy are enclos’d,
boast with their mouths likewise;
In all our steps they compass us;
to earth they bow their eyes.

They like a roaring lion are,
who greedy is for prey;
Like a young lion watching in
his secret place, are they.
But LORD arise, his face prevent;
O make him down to bow;
And from the wicked one, thy sword,
my soul deliver thou.

From mortal men thy hand, O LORD,
from mortal men me save,
Who in this transient time of life
their only portion have.
Thy hidden stores their bellies fill,
and filled are their sons;
And all the rest they save and leave
to their young little ones.

But I in righteousness thy face
with joy shall clearly see;
And waking with thine image, I
shall satisfied be.