Jehovah Hearken To The Right Attendunto

Jehovah hearken to the right,
Attend unto my cry:
Give ear unto my pray’r that goes,
From lips that do not lie.
My Judgement from thy face let come,
Thine eyes let see the right.
Mine heart thou hast examined,
And visited by night.

Thou hast me as in furnace try’d,
And yet shalt nothing find:
For that my mouth shall not transgress
I am resolv’d in mind,
For what concerns the works of men,
By lips words have I,
The paths of him that doth destroy
Observed heedfully.

Uphold thou my forth-going steps,
Within thy beaten way:
lest otherwise at any time
My footsteps go astray.
Because that thou wilt answer me,
O God on thee I call:
Incline thou unto me thine ear,
Hear thou my speech withal.


Shew forth thy wondrous Grace on them
That trust on thee repose:
O thou that sav’st by thy right hand
From self up-lifting foes.
As th’ apple of thine eye me keep,
In thy wings shade me hide:
From wicked men my deadly foes,
Who waste me on each side.

Clos’d in their fat they are, and they
Boast with their mouth likewise.
They round us in our steps; on earth
They set their bow’d down eyes.
He like a roaring lion is,
That ready is to tear;
In secret places sits as he
A renting lion were.

Arise, do thou his face prevent,
Make him bow down, O Lord:
O set my soul at freedom from
The wicked one thy sword.
From mortal men thy hand, o Lord,
From men that mortal are;
And of this passing world who have,
Within this life their share.

Thou with thine hidden treasure dost
their bellies fill also:
Their sons are fill’d, their residue
They leave their babes unto.
In righteousness thy favour I
Shall very clearly see:
And waking with thine Image, I
Shall satisfied be.