Jehovah His Foundations Laid

Jehovah his foundations laid,
On the renowned sacred hills;
To Sion’s gates, his love’s displayed
More than the tents were Jacob dwells.
Most glorious things are spoke abroad,
Of thee, O city of our God.

I’ll Rahab name, and Babylon,
(Which know me,) with Philistia,
And Tyre, and Cush; perhaps there’s one,
Sprang from them, famous in their day.
But Sion’s famed for bringing forth
Many renowned men of worth:

The highest shall establish her,
With future worthies her adorn.
When God shall the grand roll prefer,
He’ll note, there such an one was born.
Singers, and harpers, there abound;
And all my springs in thee are found.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,