Jehovah I Will Give Thee Praise

Jehovah I will give thee praise,
Tho’ thoa wast wroth with me:
Thine anger turned is away,
And thou dost comfort me.
Lo, God is my saivation,
Trust, and nought fear will I:
Because the Lord Jehovah is
My strength and melody.

And he is my salvaticn.
With joy shall ye therefore,
Out of the wells of saving. health,
Draw waters forth in store.


Praise ye the Lord, call on his name,
Among the people show

His doings; that his name’s extoll,d,
Declare abroad also.
Sing ye unto the Lord, for he
Things excellent hath done:
Yea, throughout all the earth abroad,
The same is fully known.

Cry out; and shout aloud, thou that
Mount Sion dwell’st upon.
For mighty in the midst of thee,
Is Isra’ls Holy One.