Jehovah Is Leading His Hosts

Jehovah is leading His hosts to the light,
Thro’ valleys of shadow, thro’ terrors of night;
And vict’ry is sure for His word cannot fail,
His kingdom shall come and His truth shall prevail.

Jehovah is leading, O soldier, be true,
The battle is raging, He’s calling for you;
Jehovah is leading, cast out ev’ry fear,
And stand with the faithful, for triumph is near.

Jehovah is leading, go forward today
And meet the foe bravely on life’s great highway;
Remember when dangers before thee arise
His angels are guarding the earth and the skies. [Refrain]

Jehovah is leading, oh, never retreat
Till sheaves of rejoicing you lay at His feet;
The way may be rough and the conflict be long,
But Right shall be victor o’er forces of Wrong. [Refrain]