Jehovah Is Thy God

Jehovah is thy God! O Israel, arise!
Take up the battle cry-forgiveness through the blood;
Let truth thy buckler be, and righteousness thy constant shield;
Lift high the cross of Christ, where mercy is revealed.

Arise! arise! O Israel, arise!
Jehovah still thy strength supplies,
Revere His great and holy name,
The wonders of His love proclaim,
The glory of His endless fame:
O Israel, arise!
Arise! arise!
O Israel,
Jehovah still thy strength supplies!
His love proclaim,
Exalt His name,
Arise! arise!

The Son of God commands! O Israel, arise!
His chariot wheels are heard in earth’s remotest lands;
The victory of faith to loyal hearts this day appears;
Arise, and in His might shake off thy guilty fears. [Refrain]

The night approaches, too; O Israel, arise!
The fruits of grace belong to soldiers brave and true;
To reign with Christ for aye, arrayed in robes of stainless white,
The crown of life the prize, for Children of the light. [Refrain]