Jehovah O Rebuke Me Not

Jehovah, O rebuke me not
When thou shalt angry be;
And in thine indignation hot,
O do not chasten me;
O Lord, because that weak am I,
Be gracious unto me:
Jehovah, heal thou me, for why
My bones they vexed be.

And vexed my soul is vehemently;
But thou, Lord, how long space?
Return, O lord, my soul set free,
O save me for thy grace.
For they who are in death, at all
Of thee no memory have,
With thinks confess to thee who shall
That is within the grave?

I tired am with groaning cries,
To swim I make my bead
Through all the night; my couch likewise
With tears I watered.
With grievous indignation
Consumed are mine eyes:
And they are old and dim become
‘Mongst all mine enemies.

All ye that work iniquity
Away from me be gone:
Because the Lord hath heard the cry
Of my complaining moan.
My humble suit for grace also
Jehovah doth it hear:
Jehovah will my prayer unto
Vouchsafe a gracious ear.

Ashamed and vexed vehemently
Be all mine enemies:
Let them return, and suddenly
Let them be shamed likewise.

The Psalter: with the doctrinal standards and liturgy of the Christian Reformed Church,